Venue Visits

The event industry is bouncing back! SAVE the DATE, LLC EVENTS wants to welcome everyone back by visiting a few of our friends and venues in Montgomery County and dropping off fun packages with STD masks, nail files, computer calendar stickers, pens, and mask holders! There are so many great venues out there and we went and visited a couple of them in the area. Click to see a few of the venues you can check out that can host your event coming up in these wild times and what they have to offer!

We had an exciting day by starting off at Aix La Chapelle, a beautiful venue on a farm with all different kinds of fascinating artifacts and rooms. Kelly Andres who runs events there, gave us a tour of the property that has a full private house that serves for the bridal room, grooms’ room and even a house for the bakery where guest are able to go and pick out their deserts! Kelly’s great attention to detail and decorating really made the venue stand out! Each room was decorated with a beautiful western touch. As well as, the barn opens on both sides making lots of air flow throughout the venue making it follow the covid regulation guidelines. They even have fascinating antiques such as chairs, carriages, pianos, chandeliers, and a bema taken out from an old synagogue which was then created into a beautiful bar built into the side of the barn. The whole barn house was full of interesting antiques the owners have been collecting for many years. Also, they have another barn filled with all different kinds of tables and decorations that you can use for free to decorate, when renting the barn out for your event. They also give you lots of time to set up including coming a day early to set up tents so there is no last minute rushing, and your event can run calmer and smoothly. My favorite part had to be the donkeys that were roaming around the fenced-in yard next to the barn. The owners take great care of their animals and they were all extremely sweet and adorable to watch.

Then we headed over to Windridge Winery in Darnstown to see there lovely outdoor space and seating. Everyone was very friendly and there was so much seating everywhere that was perfect for social distancing events. Definitely a great outdoor place to be at. From there we stopped by Smokey Glen Farm to see Mark, Ken, and Sherrie who we had a great time catching up with. Smokey Glen has several outdoor and hybrid areas that are perfect for larger events! It is amazing how they transform their venue for all the different kinds of events they have there. Next, we made our way over to Gaithersburg to see Rhonda at DoubleTree Hilton in Gaithersburg which was just beautifully renovated. We got a private tour of it all. The lounge area, design of the hotel and indoor/outdoor connecting pool was amazing and perfect for any event. Rhonda also gave us some warm cookies at the end!

From there we went to That’s Amore to check out their covid friendly outdoor seating which they have set up in the parking lot. They put a fence around it and had flowers everywhere making it a great outdoor place to go for a small group. Unfortunately, no one was able to show us around inside, so we don’t know if they are still having events in there. We then moved on to Rio Marriott and Courtyard Marriott, in the Rio Gaithersburg area, to check in and say hello. Both places are right in the heart of Rio making it perfect to enjoy the night life. They were both excited as well to have events popping back up and getting back into the fun! Our next stop was the Hilton Garden Inn where we met Raquel who was nice and gave us a tour of the hotel. The lobby was beautiful and the event space was huge.

Next it was on to Rockville where we stopped in and said hi to Felicia at the Hilton Inn on Rockville Pike. We had a great talk with her about events starting to come back to life. It has been hard with everything shutting down, but it is nice to know we are all working together to bring back events. After meeting and talking with Felicia we went down the street to Signature Caterers to drop off our fun package! Deborah and Larry are always such a treat to work with. Larry helps cater many of our events and their food always tastes delicious, we can never wait to try a bite. Then, on our way to Bethesda, we pulled over to check out Josiah Henson Park/Museum and took a look around. It was a cute little space with a beautiful outdoor park, and a small 15-person event room surrounded by great history facts about the park. It popped up during the pandemic and adds a beautiful look to Old Georgetown Rd. Our last and final stop was to Marriott Convention Center North otherwise known as Bethesda North Marriott, they renamed it due to re districting. Pooks Hill Marriott is now called Bethesda Marriott because of it.

We ended our day by visiting 11 different venues! We had so much fun catching up/meeting the new event directors. It is so exciting to be working with everyone again and can’t wait to put on more memorable events.