One of SAVE The DATE, LLC EVENTS’ most useful and strategic tools is our DIY…WSH (Do-It-Yourself…With-Some Help) planning guidebook.  Each version, edited and updated yearly as a self published planning guide for you to take advantage of our useful business forms, folders, lists, sample budgets, layouts, schedules, and more that we use with our clients and  to teach other planners attending our College classes and National Event Planning Conference classes. Use this invaluable resource of 150+ self-help pages on your own or in conjunction with one of our service packages to create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression.    Our self published guide contains over 20 years of experience, professional suggestions, and organizing to keep you on track while you DIY.  

We offer a soft cover version that is available through starting at $25;  where you can also view sample pages of both the Wedding and Mitzvah guide.  


The Planning Guide: Do It Yourself with Help Guidebook Organizer for Planning & Creating Your Special Event
Starting from $25

Do-It-Yourself…With-Help Mitzvah Planning Guide
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Learn more about how to plan your event from the Experts at SAVE The DATE, LLC Events.
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Do-It-Yourself-With Help Wedding Planning Guide
use this Guide to plan your wedding. Where do you start? How do you plan? Use our guide to walk you through the process.
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The Planning Guide
If you prefer to go “direct to the source” to receive a personal signed copy… please contact us by phone and you will also receive a bonus 30 minute phone consultation with one of our Senior Planners.   Feeling unorganized?  Upgrade your guide book for $5  to receive our zipper-bound binder.  This 3 ring binder will help you stay organized and keep those creative ideas all in one safe place.