Not Quite 27 Dresses: Photos from a Cham (Cambodian- Muslim) Wedding


Michele Naideck, a family friend of Cara Weiss, CEO of SAVE The DATE, LLC has been in the Peace Corps in Cambodia for eight months (out of a two-year service) and lives with a Cham host family. She is a Community Health Education volunteer and works at her local health center and in schools to teach about child nutrition, maternal health, non-communicable diseases, and more.

In February Michele’s host uncle got married and she took these photos and shared a video (available on SAVE The DATE’s Facebook Page) with us. Michele explained that, “I wanted to document it because a Cham wedding is a big affair, taking place over several days and in several locations (including several outfit changes for the bride – in this particular wedding, she had no less than 12 extravagant dresses!). The whole community comes together to help cook, set up, and of course – celebrate. It’s quite different from the typical American wedding.”

While we agree with Michele that this is very different from the weddings we’ve helped plan, we did find some similarities (chair covers, floral wall backdrops, family-style food service, and more) and inspiration that we hope to incorporate into our events.

Thanks again for sharing this Michele, and we hope you all enjoy these photos and the video as much as we have. You can learn more about Michele’s experiences in Cambodia on her blog .

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