DIY…WH (Do-It-Yourself…With-Help)

Our Do-It-Yourself…With-Help event planning service tier is the most hands-on option we offer, providing our clients with limited to unlimited  to full-service SOS month of planning assistance.  Our largest package is our full-spectrum management of your event from start to finish. Our gold, silver, white, and purple packages are all limited planning options that can help a do-it-yourselfer plan with some of our help and our platinum package grants you an unlimited amount of SAVE The DATE, LLC EVENTS oversight and assistance with all event details, like vendor contacts, organizing theme, color scheme, site visits, layout designs, and schedules. Here too, however, we do not take over and take full control; we simply take the reins for the traditional client who wants to coach from the sidelines as our team drives the event. It’s still your vision, your concept, and your preferences, we’re just available to implement your choices and decisions in all or some of the planning areas you delegate. Chose from 3 options.