DIY…WSH (Do-It-Yourself…With-Some-Help)

Our Do-It-Yourself…With-Some-Help service level offers you the greatest amount of autonomy, self-agency, and freedom; as such, it’s accompanied by the most affordable pricing structures. With this option, SAVE The DATE, LLC EVENTS educates you as an event-planner-in-training.  We equip you with the tools and information you’ll need to manage your own event through a series of workshops, online classes and consultation sessions. Workshops cover such topics as picking a venue, designing the décor, making a schedule, creating a layout, working with vendors, and more. You’ll come away from your group training and individual meetings feeling infused with newfound skills, fully informed about the process, and ready to proceed with your planning.  With this service level you can also find yourself purchasing our most updated and simple to follow guide books for your planning.  You will have access to our actual templates that we use for our client’s and browse through the steps you will be taking to plan your celebration yourself.   Lastly, don’t do it yourself the day of.  In this tier of service we still want you to remember to be a guest and hire one of our day of Coordinators who will be there for you every step of the way on your celebration day.