Ways to Take Your Wedding, Mitzvah, or More from Typical to Personal

We have all seen the big, beautiful floral centerpieces dozens and dozens of times. They always look amazing and take people’s breath away; however, they do not necessarily convey a personal message about the couple. Adding that personal touch, or what we at SAVE The DATE call the “Eye Candy” of the event can really take it from average to unique; this typically begins with making a logo.

The idea of creating a personalized logo and incorporating it into various elements of the event is a growing trend in weddings and other social events. Traditionally, couples kept it simple with just a monogram; however, couples are now including photographs, full names, and images of things that are significant to them. The logo typically contains your colors and/or theme and says something about you; a traditional cursive monogram says something different than a modern, sleek font, so choose something that speaks to you as a couple. Once a custom logo has been created, it can be used for items like: personalized cocktail napkins or guest towels, favors, dance floor stickers, and more.

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