To Invite or Evite

More and more people are debating whether to send a print invitation, and their reasoning differs: it will save money, it is better for the environment, it is faster, people just throw the invitations away, etc. All these reasons are valid, and sending an evite is an option for the tech savvy out there; but here is a quick vocab lesson and some tips for selling the printed invitations and navigating the process of being a dealer for an invitation company.


  • Flat Printing is a printing style nearly identical to computer printing.
  • Thermographic Printing is when the printed text is raised so it can be felt on the front of the invitation.
  • Embossed Printing is similar to Thermographic Printing, but done without ink.
  • Letter Press Printing is when the printed text is depressed so it can be felt on the back of the invitation.
  • Engraved Printing is similar to Letter Press, but done without ink.
  • Hand Calligraphy is written by hand rather than printed.


  • It is important to keep an eye out for the monthly discounts many invitation companies email to you to – they often do not automatically credit them
  • Consider providing clients with “online dealer stores”, or at least the products website so your client is able to view the invitation they are considering in the comfort of their own home. It makes the shopping process faster and smoother for both dealer and consumer
  • Always be sure to get a formal quote from the company prior to providing the client with one; older books may still have current merchandise, but the pricing may have changed
  • Make sure to have the client approve all proofs and acknowledge typos, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and more that are visible on the proofs, are their mistake and not yours – this will protect you from blame
  • Keep your eyes and ears open with regards to companies closing; some do so without a word to their dealers

If a client asks why a printed invitation is necessary, use this as your response; “So much of our lives are centered around the computer, smart phone, tablet, or another electronic device; which makes receiving an item in the mail is so special. There is something magical about feeling an invitation; it is a sensory experience that cannot be matched by an evite. It sets the mood for your party in a way that cannot be matched by the screen and it elicits excitement in your guests.”

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