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“We’re so happy with how our wedding turned out! It was so beautiful, fun, and unique! Exactly how we imagined it. Your intern was very helpful and sweet. I can’t believe how fast the day passed by. I was warned about that but I tried to take in every moment of it. It was amazing! I still wish I could repeat some of it again. It just happened too fast! I’m so happy we got plenty of pictures and a video. Everyone we know has been talking about the wedding and some people are mad we didn’t invite them! We are still recovering from it all. You did a wonderful job!”

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You have been truly fantastic, Christine, and we are very happy that Taylor will be with us on Saturday! Thanks again. Really impressed with you all so far!


Thank you again for making the weekend so special for our entire family and for going above and beyond with Bob and Susan in Florida. We couldn’t have done any of it without you.


Thank you so much for your hard work on Saturday night. It was a beautiful and fun event even with the much smaller group that was there. Again, I am very grateful to you. It was an incredibly special night. Daisy kept saying that it’s what she always wished for, which of course, warmed my heart.


There were so many pieces going on at Daisy’s – I don’t know how you did it all. I’m sure it appeared completely seamless to everyone

This was one of the most gorgeously decorated venues I have photographed. The use of uplights was truly beautiful!


Thank you for an amazing night celebrating Erin. Everything was PERFECT. The room was exceptional and surpassed our expectations. I just could not be more pleased with everything.

I can’t believe we won’t be talking anymore…I’ll miss you! If you ever need anything please let me know…I have been and will continue to send friends to Save the Date!!


Feel free to list us as a reference. I don’t know what we would have done without you and Jessa. The wedding was lovely and many of our friends remarked it was gorgeous without going over the top

Again, you are a hero for pulling off this extravaganza. We appreciate the hard work.


Thank you for coaching me through the planning and making the day run smoothly! Everyone had a great time. Thanks so much!


The girls were very nice and everyone seemed to have a great time. Robin did a fantastic job and Danielle and Jenna were wonderful.

S and B

What a delightful party. Bernie and I agreed that we can’t remember an evening that passed so quickly.

You didn’t miss a trick – down to the egg creams, popcorn, candy, charlotte rouse and of course that fabulous video. All your planning paid off.


Thank you SO much!!!! The girls were insanely helpful that day… made everything so so so easy on us and everything went so well. We’re still on cloud 9.


Thank you SO much for putting together an absolutely perfect event!! It could not have gone more smoothly!

D and D

Thank you and your staff for everything leading up to and during the event. It was a great party, and Jacob had an amazing time! We really appreciate all you did behind the scenes to problem solve and make things as seamless as they turned out to be. You managed the vendors and the logistics so well–we would have been lost on our own, and Jessa and Linor allowed Dana and me to truly spend time with friends and enjoy ourselves, not having to worry about anything. 2022

D and D

Thank you so much for everything to help make the party a great one on Saturday night. Jacob had so much fun, and we’ve never seen him as confident as he looked up there dancing away on the stage…thank Jessa and Linor who made everything run so smoothly. 2022


It was a joy working with Danielle and Taylor!! They were so attentive, kind and checked on me multiple times throughout the evening.

Looking forward to working with you and your team in the future!

SE 2022

I am still getting people calling me and messages saying how beautiful the wedding was and I can’t thank you enough!

CL 2022

Not surprisingly… Amazing celebration for Harper!
Thank you for everything- it’s always a pleasure and so much fun working with you. Danielle and Marissa were also amazing and so accommodating for me and Ryan.

Client JD 2022

This is our second Bat Mitzvah with SAVE The DATE, LLC and just like our first time, they ensured we had the perfect event. Planning during a pandemic is difficult and they helped us think of every detail. The decor surpassed our expectations! Christine Ash is simply wonderful – the day of the event I didn’t worry about anything, I enjoyed the party much like a guest – not worrying about any of the details because I knew everything was handled. I am almost sad I won’t be planning another Mitzvah with Christine and Save the Date!

Client MT/2022 Venue Woman’s Club

We recently worked with Christine Ash and Taylor Moon at SAVE The DATE, LLC EVENTS for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah on May 14, 2022! Both Christine and Taylor were fantastic! Each was a critically important reason that the evening was more fabulous than we ever could have imagined! Thank you so much! Highly recommend!

T 2021

Dear Cara,
You are so special to think of me and like give us the book you wrote about wedding. First of all thank you!!! Secondly I am so impressed with the book, it is a great help.
Hope to see you soon.

AK 2021

Dear the Weiss Family,
My bat mitzvah was amazing and I am so glad you were able to be such a big part of it. Thank you for the beautiful earrings and the bag and for being part of this special day. Cara thank you for making all of this happen. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

RT 2021

The reviews for your company Save The Date LLC events are amazing! I totally agree your service is awesome!! You are organized, pleasant to work with and a lifesaver!
I think we are all set for Monday! Rachel found a few photos of the graduation balloons on Instagram. If you can create something similar that would be great!
All the Best,

MS 2021

Cara Jill Weiss you were close, and you were amazing before, during and after the event. My how time flies!!

MJ 2021

I just wanted to let you know that I did give you a review on WeddingWire
We had a great wedding. Thank you for your services. Many guests commented on your organization Taylor. Lots of compliments from the guests specifically on the coordinator.
We enjoyed the entire night and received a lot of comments like, "This was the best wedding I've ever been to".
Thought you should know.

MA 2021

Thank you again! Girls were fantastic yesterday!!! Exactly what we needed….just perfect!

LM 2021

Thanks Cara!! I’ll be sure to post more reviews of STD. I already did one on Wedding Wire a couple days ago.
Thanks to you and Christine for making the day perfect. You are awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a better planner.
Thanks for the photos!

LB 2021

I wanted to circle back with you and sincerely thank you for your emails and follow-up information you sent a few days back. We ultimately selected another company which we thought was a better fit for our needs and budget in light of all of the other expenses we need to plan for. However, I did want to mention that I've seen nothing but great things written about your company so you are obviously talented and provide excellent service to your clients. I plan to save your info as who knows what the future brings.
Thanks again!

J 2021

I think Bianchi told you already, but Taylor and Jenna did a really amazing job on Saturday. Thank you for all of your help and guidance preparing for the event - it was truly memorable.


H 2021

Thank you Cara! Thank you for everything! I could not have navigated all of this without you. First, the 2 month planning time and then rescheduling and coordinating everything. And, of course the barter vs. cash and that whole experience. Taylor and Jenna were great and everything came together. So many people told me everything ran smoothly. We truly felt like we were guests at our own party.
We will post a review, maybe not today, but we will before the weekend is out. The pictures and video are awesome! Thank you for sending them!
I will ask Reese about helping out and will let you know.
Thanks again!

HE 2021

Hi Cara! Everything was awesome!! Taylor was awesome, Jenna was great! People kept telling me they couldn't believe how smoothly everything went. It was awesome. Taylor made it so that I wasn't worried about a thing. Andy and I truly felt like we were guests at our own party. 🙂 Thank you again!

TM 2021

The Fein wedding is how I wish all weddings went. Flawless. The family was amazing to work with in terms of requests, expectations and treatment of Save The Date staff. The flower arrangements by DaVinci were breathtaking and I overheard numerous guests gushing over them.

MC 2021

You are so sweet, thank for such a lovely words and please extend my thanks to your girls, they were fantastic to work with.
Looking forward to work with you again.

CS 2021

OUR celebrations would not have been what they were without your guidance and assistance. Christine you have always gone above and beyond, and for that I am grateful! I will continue to pass your name along with confidence and high recommendations.
Stay safe and I’m sure we will cross paths soon.

CU 2021

Absolutely, please do add me as a client referral, I have nothing but the most incredible things to say about your team! The day would not have happened without all of yalls hard work!! I cannot say thank you enough! I've been telling EVERYONE in all my bridal FB groups to book yall and that yall are the best in the business.
Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

A 2021

Just wow! Each course was better than the next…although if I was forced to pick a favorite, it would be the steak…or maybe the duck. Hard to choose just one! The wines were spot on, the presentation was gorgeous, your servers were true professionals, your Chef was amazing and ton of fun. I wouldn’t have changed one thing!
Cara, Christine, Jessa and Shelly (please forward on to Shelly and Jessa as I didn’t have their email addresses),
I don’t even know what to say. You made this night a reality. Every single detail. The research on venues, the conceptualization of décor, the idea for the evening, my late night craziness, the creativity of the boxes, the crazy nonstop deliveries, for anticipating and solving my every need. I mean, I simply can’t possibly thank you enough. You all are true rock stars!
You all have my undying gratitude and I have a full heart.

G 2021

Thank you to your team for everything. The scrolling of the video chat and posting of information was great throughout the service. The table turned out to be stunning, the games were perfect throughout the evening so much so that the boys are still talking about them today!

B 2021

Your photos are absolutely amazing (although I didn’t realize that Craig had taken my phone and was wondering where they came from this morning ) and it was so much fun working with you. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

S 2021

Thank you so much for making the room so beautiful! The lights, draping, etc. I truly appreciate it.

L 2021

I don’t think that there are words to describe my gratitude for everything that you all did to make yesterday a reality. Every single part of the day was truly perfect. I never had to worry about a thing and I was incredibly calm and got to be a guest last night – something that I will treasure forever. All of my guests had an unbelievable evening and quite frankly, my mother already has two people asking for referrals! Details to follow.

S 2021

We truly can't thank you enough for everything you did to make Max's weekend so perfect and special! Our family and friends were all so delighted and raving all weekend long! I did not worry about a thing because I knew it was all taken care of! Thank you so so much!!!

SD 2021

Thank you so much for everything, Christine! And a big thanks to Cara (and in advance to Linor!)
It has been delightful working with you and you have been so organized, generous and kind along the way.
Looking forward to an amazing weekend!

S 2021

Thanks, Christine! We’ll hold for the week and I’ll check in with Mark about the gifts, too.
Would LOVE to work together on Toby’s bar mitzvah!! We may change his date (we ended up in late August 2024 (which seems like it might still be very humid/unpleasant?), but once we know what we're doing I’ll check with you…
I’ll check out the various review and photo links later this week, too.
Thanks again!

S 2021

We truly can't thank you enough for everything you did to make Max's weekend so perfect and special! Our family and friends were all so delighted and raving all weekend long! I did not worry about a thing because I knew it was all taken care of! Thank you so so much!!!

GH 2021

Thank you for all your help. You were great and everyone had a good time. I wish you would have been available the day of to help with the set-up, it would have gone a lot more smoothly. But overall people were happy especially Mason!
We will send you pictures once we get them.

KE 2021

My apologies with the delay in getting back to you. Thank you again for all your help in planning a truly wonderful and special evening for Asher & our family. I was really able to relax and enjoy myself because of you! We will definitely be in touch in a few years when it’s time to plan Kellan’s!
Have a great winter break and hope your all stay safe & healthy!

AC 2021

Hi Cara!!
Yes- we are so happy that we got to work with you guys over the past few years (both for Brady and Jordan!). It definitely helped us with the process to have Christine guiding us through the maze of vendors and details. As we know you know, she is amazing at her job!! Thanks so much for all your help Cara!!

RM 2021

Thank you, Cara. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. We had a wonderful weekend and are grateful for your input.

CS 2021

Thank you both for all that you have done for me and my kids. OUR celebrations would not have been what they were without your guidance and assistance. Christine you have always gone above and beyond, and for that I am grateful! I will continue to pass your name along with confidence and high recommendations.

A 2020

Cara and Danielle - Thank you both for all you did to make yesterday run smoothly. I really appreciate your hard work to make it all come together.

RS 2020

Not only does Christine, Cara and their staff do an amazing job, they keep going after the event if needed. We ran into a shady vendor picked through no fault of Save the Date - basically took our money and ran, cancelling 2 days before our Bar Mitzvah. Christine and her staff turned what became a panicked semi DIY event into a truly lovely, fun and relaxing night. And Christine spent weeks trying to track down this vendor and get our money back. She's still involved and advocating on our behalf. Love you guys.

KM 2020

Hi Cara. I ordered your book about 10 days ago, and I received it yesterday. It was in a padded envelope on my front steps. I think I still have the packing slip in my car if you need it for some reason. I don't think it was mailed, I believe it was delivered by an Amazon delivery truck. I have already read it, and I love it. I am a very organized person, especially when I have a project to complete, and your methods are full of wonderful organizational expertise We have our first meeting with Marriott tomorrow at 11:00 AM. I am still cogitating on which of your services we could most benefit from (in addition to the Day-Of person) I will be back in touch with you as soon as I get a chance to figure it all out. Thank you for your consult. Hope the book info helps!

LL 2019

How are you doing? We think about you guys and wonder how you are doing. So GLAD GLAD GLAD that we splurged on Eric's BM last year and did the big party so our family could be together. I think it will be a very long time until families can have large parties again. We were fortunate that our family was able to gather, one of my relatives from Ohio has COVID and it is very bad. We were so glad that we saw her last year at the BM. So wonderful that we could spend time together. There is no price tag for that. And now the world has changed, no more baseball game buffets, food stations and we saw last year that the Clarendon Ballroom closed down. Yet I am sure you were very busy the last few months rearranging parties and trying to help people have small, intimate, meaningful gatherings. What a challenge.

We are so thankful that you and Save The Date helped us plan such a great party for Eric last year. This weekend is exactly one year since his BM.

I voted for you guys and hope we go back to the days when we might need your services for another party, maybe someday!

I wanted to ask, but just never got around to it. I thought we were supposed to receive copies of the photos that the guests took in the photo booth that we rented from the DJ. some people send us a few of the funny ones, but I thought I understood somehow we would get copies. Was that my misunderstanding or was I supposed to go online somehow and look at those photos? I think our DJ was Electra. Do you know or can you check somehow? I know it has been a year, so maybe he doesn't even have them any more but wanted to ask.

Thanks and stay safe,

JD 2019

It was great seeing you last night. I can’t thank your team enough for all their creativity, support and flexibility. You guys are simply the best. The party surpassed our expectations in every way and we are looking forward to working with you guys again for Erin’s Bat Mitzvah.
Thanks again!

JD 2019

I can not THANK YOU enough for all your team did for this. Planning this event was overwhelming for me – I didn’t know where to start but heard horror stories about planning Mitzvah’s in our area. I did talk to several other companies and found you the most willing to work with us to make the event like us – not over the top but classy and fun. Christine was amazing to work with – she had great ideas, put us in touch with the perfect vendors and I never felt pressured at all about anything. I didn’t mention Jennifer because I didn’t really feel her presence – that’s not bad – I am sure she did a ton of work but I only met her right before the party. I think the fact I didn’t really “feel” her was because she was working hard and everything was going well. I hope that makes sense.
I honestly can’t think of anything constructive to tell you. It was a very smooth, enjoyable process!

JD 2019

I can't speak highly enough of our experience with Save the Date. Christine Ash is simply amazing - she had such creativity and really made our vision come alive. The small touches she suggested made the different in pulling the event together. We never felt pressured to go one or another and Save the Date is very respectful of the budget. The day of the event was flawless - I didn't worry about one thing and Christine made me able to enjoy the party as a guest. All the vendors Christine recommended were top notch and worked well together. We have already booked Christine for our younger daughter's Bat Mitzvah - which is 2 years away

JD 2019

Save the date was simply OUTSTANDING to work with - Christine Ash and Cara Weiss listened to us, never pressured us one way or another, gave us excellent vendors to work with and make the planning process easy and fun. Christine suggested small things that really made the event special - those "extras" tied the entire event together and made the difference. Save the Date is respectful of your budget and ideas. On the day of our event, I did not worry about one thing - all the details were taken care of - I knew all our vendors would be there and the room set up exactly as we thought it would. I just can't speak highly enough of Save the Date!

JB 2019

Sorry it’s taken me this long to recover from the weekend and reach out to you to say thanks. What a spectacular night! Dave and I had an absolute blast. I cannot thank you both enough for everything you did to organize the last minute details and pull it all together. Cara, your questions and emails the past two weeks made me feel so confident that the right things were happening leading up to the big day. The schedule was clear and organized and everyone knew where to be and when. Amazing!

Saturday night, Lisa and Lorat outdid themselves… Lisa may have already told you but the bar manager didn’t show up until cocktail hour was over because of a miscommunication with Julie. There was a major scramble and Lisa was ON IT to avert disaster. The rest of the night went beautifully (from what I could see)…. Until my cousin started crying because she just lost her husband a couple of weeks ago - my wonderful cousin, Ken, who should have been with us that night. The DJ played Earth, Wind, and Fire which was his favorite band and that sent her over the edge. While consoling Ellen, I spotted Lisa and grabbed her to say "no more Earth, Wind, and Fire" and she practically ran over to the DJ to take care of it so that I could assure Ellen it wouldn’t happen again. Lisa and Lorat (a total sweetheart) were working tirelessly all night jumping from one thing to the next, yet from my perspective things felt effortless. At the end of the night, items were getting packed and coordinated, and moved all around me, and I barely had to do a thing but breath and kick off my shoes (which Lisa wouldn’t let me put back on). Bravo to these wonderful ladies!

My guests could not stop raving about what a special night it was, and how great it was to see me and Dave truly enjoying ourselves. I hadn’t shared this with you before, but Ella finished 6 months of chemo last year for Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She lost all her hair and her immune system was wiped out entirely. She has been beautifully recovering her strength and preparing for this Bat Mitzvah since then. This night was a much needed party.

You ladies are amazing and I’ve been highly recommending you already. Our sincerest gratitude.

Is there any other info you’d like to know from me?

JC 2019

Thanks for checking in. We were so happy with the party just got all the proofs excited to go through them. It was a pleasure working w you guys. See you soon

KS 2019

Thank you again for all of your help during this process. The party ran very smoothly. Unfortunately, we did not find the digital display and the toiletry basket (they were in the same box). I am curious if the box was accidentally picked up by the other party. I downloaded some of the pictures from the link below. Please thank Danielle and Marissa for taking them. The two of them were great during the party. I will complete the survey below.

R & E 2019

I can’t believe it’s all over LOL!!
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and not leaving any stone unturned. You really thought of every detail! We couldn’t imagine going through this crazy process without you! You listened to Max which was sweet & considerate.
I have gotten so many amazing compliments and wonderful feedback about the whole event!! It all came together beautifully!!

Thank you and much love –

VB 2019

Cara took care of all the little wedding details that usually clog up everyone’s heads on the wedding day. As a result, we were all free to relax, enjoy, and savour the day, instead of running around worrying about things getting done. Having her with us on our wedding day gave us piece of mind that all tasks would get done the way WE wanted it done, at a reasonable price, and on time!
Can’t say enough good things about her. Hire her!

MF 2019

Save the Date was amazing to work with and work for! Cara and Judy helped make sure every detail of my wedding weekend was accounted for and truly made me feel like a guest at my own event. I was able to enjoy, dance the night away, and not worry if everything was going to stay on schedule. I also had the unique opportunity of working with the Save the Date team throughout college – every single team member is knowledgeable, creative and thoughtful in making sure each event runs smoothly!

ER 2019

Cara and her team are the utmost professionals. Soup to nuts are taken care of with Save the Date. They think of EVERY little thing. Life is less hectic and less stressful when you use Save the Date’s Services. You can be sure you end up with perfection! I applaud them!!!!

KR 2019

I would have lost my mind trying to do all this without Christine! She’s amazing – from getting the custom invites made, to coming up with the cute and unique kippot, recommending and coordinating with all the vendors, and of course her super positive can do attitude – especially with last minute changes and add ons.

MT 2019

It is a huge help having a partner, subject-matter expert and advocate in planning and executing events like these. We were fully satisfied with everything!

RAM 2019

Working with you and your team is such a joy, and the energy you bring to every event you plan is just outstanding. You make our lives so easy, and it would have been impossible to do this event without you!


I am writing to you to say a big thank you for all your help with ---- Bar Mitzvah that took place on November 10th/ Your help was really invaluable to me- both your practical assistance with making decisions, selecting vendors, and handling everything you did leading up to and on the day of the party, and for all your support and encouragement all the way through.

MC 2019

We just wanted to say how happy we were with how everything turned out. I may be biased, but I think it was the best Bar Mitzvah I’ve been to. We had a fantastic time, and so did our guests. Thanks for keeping everything running smoothly and even dealing with our “bar mitzvah crasher”!

RS 2019

Christine helped plan and run both our Bat Mitzvah parties and is truly wonderful. Danielle was our day of person for the second party and did an amazing job transforming the pace and keeping everything on track despite some unexpected hitches! Thank you!! If I had any more kids I`d use you again!

VBF 2019

Cara helped us create a beautiful and fun event. Her creativity and attention to detail made for a magical evening that we all enjoyed. I absolutely will use her again!

MI 2019

Our event went off without a hitch, we received tremendous positive feedback from our guests, my son was blown away, and I felt like a success! All thanks to the support of the Save the Date team. It was the best investment I made! I will never do another big event without them!

MM 2019

Had a fantastic experience with Save The Date and Cara Weiss. She and her team did a great job on my son's Bar Mitzvah. They helped negotiate good deals with the venue and multiple vendors. Cara had great ideas and was very patient as I don't make decisions quickly. If I was planning another big party, I'd call Cara.

BG 2018

Cara runs an amazing organization that helps you celebrate your event with the peace of mind of knowing it is in her capable hands. Cara truly listens to what you want your event to be and then she goes about making your vision a reality. This is the third time I've used Cara and Save-the-Date to plan a Bar-Mitzvah celebration. In each instance, she and her team did an awesome job. I highly recommend Cara and I will be using her again in two years for my youngest son's Bar-Mitzvah.

LS 2018

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it has been to work with Christine. She has been a delight to work with since the first day. She has always been so responsive and knowledgeable. She has also been very patient with me -especially since I was clueless about the whole process. I don't know what we would have done without her.

BB 2018

Whenever anyone asks me who can help with their planning, Save the Date will always be my answer.

MA 2018

Your professionalism was the key to the success of this event. Everything went very smoothly! Thanks again and I look forward working with you again.

We approached you for help last minute and you were not fazed in the least -- We so appreciated your taking us on as clients. The Bat Mitzvah preparations came together in one fell swoop, seamlessly, on the day of. We received so many emails and texts from friends and family after the Bat Mitzvah raving about Ariella, the décor, the party, and the food. Riva and I know that you saved us from drowning. We are forever thankful for your insights, ideas, organization, lead, coordination, etc.

SS 2018

Just a quick note to say thank you to you both. Everything went off without a hitch! Taylor and Amy were great! What a great team, helped keep everything running smoothly and helped us to have a great time!! So, nice that you also stopped by, Cara, to check things out.

JS 2018

I gave you an awesome review on the bar/bat mitzvah FB page that everyone in our network uses, and already, I've received a ton of questions about you guys (I have a big mouth). I recommend you highly to anyone, and look forward to using you for Ella's event, which is 11/16/19. SAVE THE DATE!


We approached you for help last minute and you were not fazed in the least -- We so appreciated your taking us on as clients. The Bat Mitzvah preparations came together in one fell swoop, seamlessly, on the day of. We received so many emails and texts from friends and family after the Bat Mitzvah raving about Ariella, the décor, the party, and the food. Riva and I know that you saved us from drowning. We are forever thankful for your insights, ideas, organization, lead, coordination, etc.

Christine Ash at Save the Date was outstanding!!!! We loved working with her. Christine took care of us every step of the way. She kept us organized, on time and we stayed within budget. She advocated to vendors for us to keep us in our budget during the planning and gave us ways to save! I can't wait to hire her for our next one

H & NJ

Everything was great, your staff was wonderful. They made it so Nick and I could enjoy the night!


Cara, now that the cobwebs are dissipating, I wanted to take a moment to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to you and your team. You all did an exceptional job. From all the planning and guidance and then especially night of. You also kept Michelle sane :). Every time I looked up you or someone on your team were there making shit happen. You made what few problems there were go away, managing the pain in the ass marching band and then getting all the gifts and boxes to our room at the end of the night. I was really really impressed and we are beyond appreciative. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone.


​Christine was absolutely wonderful to work with for our mitzvah. She had great suggestions that we were able to incorporate and managed to wrangle us back on track during our meetings. She was also invaluable during the mitzvah itself. We were a tough group to keep in line, but I know we probably never would have even moved off the appetizer hour had she not been keeping the night on track. She's a wonderful asset to your company and I'm sure you know you are lucky to have her.

On behalf of the St. Augustine's staff and congregation, I would like to say how pleased we were to be able to welcome Washington Hebrew Congregation into our new building for a Friday evening of Shabbat services, study, good food and community together here in SW DC!! I look forward to our partnership going forward.


Your professionalism was the key to the success of this event. Everything went very smoothly! Thanks again and I look forward working with you again

Thank you for your note; it was wonderful to work with you as well! I truly appreciated all of your help and insight with that event. We are all excited to work with you again!


Danielle was amazing!!!! Thank you!


Christine knows how to use the right amount of force when necessary, with a spark of personality that makes people want to comply. We are all grateful that we could forget the details and enjoy being guests at the wedding! We will gladly sing her praises wherever we can.


Thanks for everything. We loved working with Save the Date! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

We did receive the adorable postcard and also liked the cute bag that Christine used to send home all of Rachel's cards at the end of the night. Super fun touches. Christine and team did a terrific job the evening of the event. We felt so well taken care of and truly enjoyed every minute of the party with no worries.


Whenever anyone asks me who can help with their planning, Save the Date will always be my answer.

Save the Date assisted with my daughter's bat mitzvah last summer. I initially wasn't sure whether I needed the help, but am glad I went for it. Christine and her assistant made it possible for me to enjoy the party without wondering for one minute what was happening on the other side of the room. And don't assume the vendors you've already found will work out....when my caterer bailed with three months to spare, which also meant the venue was lost, Cara responded to my anguished email at 3 am!


Save the Date has produced 2 B'nai Mitzvahs and 2 Weddings for my family! Clearly, we are big fans of Cara's! She and her team are calm, organized, easy to work with.... and fun! They are professional, they don't micromanage... And their "take charge" ability allows you to relax and enjoy your celebration!

When it comes to good.... no... great decisions we made in putting together our wedding and reception, Cara Weiss of Save the Date is right at the top of our list. We contacted Cara to help us select, word and order our invitations which our guests loved. She then helped us organize the event, order customize small gifts, and provided "day-of" support. Much of the credit for such a smooth event can be credited to her years of experience and great advice. Her gentle, but take charge "day-of" support cannot be matched 2018


We had the most amazing mitzvah this weekend, thanks to Christine and Cara. Christine took great care in ensuring that our vision was executed without breaking our budget. Everything was perfect and stress-free. I also feel like we SAVED money by using a party planner to guide us through some tricky décor issues at our venue. You will not regret using Save the Date for your party planning. They are top notch and wonderful to work with.


Cara Weiss and her team (Francesca and Jennifer) are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! They did a terrific job in helping in the final month of planning for my son's bar mitzvah party on March 12th for the design and décor and the party flow and timing and structure, and rentals, etc. and then they were in charge the day of so I can show up like a guest and enjoy the party like a guest. My caterer was not so good (not organized or on the ball) and the Save the Date team "saved the day" truly. I think they are worth every penny and more.


I have known and worked with Cara Weiss for over 10 years. Cara is a terrific party planner; she is creative, works well with the clients, is very respectful of the clients' needs, calm and courteous through hectic planning times, and is always on top of things. My clients always comment on how easy it was working with Cara and how she came up with ideas they didn't even think of and put their vision into a reality (life-size cut-outs, backgrounds, candy carts, room decor, lighting, etc.).


As a photographer, I am always amazed at the amount of detail and personal touch Cara adds to every event: no event is ever the same, be it a wedding or a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, and I have seen quite a few though the years.


Cara's team is always on their A-game; they run a great party. Cara's assistant, Christine, who goes to all the jobs with Cara is a pleasure to work with, as well. I recommend Cara of Save the Date to all of my clients.


We hired Christine Ash from Save the Date to be our "day of coordinator" for our daughter's wedding celebration last weekend in Rockville. To say that Christine and her assistant "saved the day" is an understatement! She completely set up our event space perfectly per my instructions and then gathered together and delivered our extras to our hotel (a couple of blocks away) after the event was over. During the event, she seemed to appear whenever someone needed something, even bringing us our preferred drink throughout the night. Several of our guests mentioned to me what a great job she was doing and how lucky we were to have her!

EW 2/2018

Thanks for your note, Cara. Emma enjoyed the party very much. Jennifer and Nicole were professional and responsive. -LP & AP 2018
Hey! You beat me to it! I will 100% fill out everything below with RAVING reviews.
____ and I could not have been any happier or pleased with Saturday night and all of our work with you. As I said in my note, you treated us the entire time as if we were your only clients. You always quickly responded to my emails and knew everything we had talked about. You were professional and poised the entire time, especially on Saturday night! We are so lucky to have found you and I have been so happy to have had you at my side for the entire process. If you ever need a referral, please send them my way! You will only get glowing reviews.
I will call you as soon as I get Jake's date!!!!! It has been a pleasure to work with you!
Thank you again!

BB 2018

Jeff and I want to thank you for an amazing event on Saturday! We all had a blast and have heard great feedback from our adult and kid guests alike. We really appreciate all of your help in giving Naomi the kind of celebration she deserved for all of her hard work. We also appreciate all that you did to ensure that we didn't miss a thing during the party - the videos of her friends presentations, father/daughter dance, etc. were really great!

LP 2018

For those Calgon moments, you were there. That made all the difference in the world and I can't thank you enough for it.
I appreciate that you connected me with vendors and took the time to seek the ones who best fit our lifestyle and budget. I only wish I discovered you sooner, but better late than never. The words seem ever so slight, but the meaning behind my intention is tremendous.​ On behalf of Brooke and Michal, along with both families, we thank you all so very much.

DK 2018

I am so sorry I have been out of touch! I just was so tired and so overwhelmed after the party and so very very behind on the rest of my life that I could give you a list 50 feet long of what I've been catching up on (besides sleep). But I think of you all fondly almost every day.
I just posted this on Yelp:
Cara Weiss and her team (Francesca and Jennifer) are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! They did a terrific job in helping in the final month of planning for my son's bar mitzvah party on March 12th for the design and décor and the party flow and timing and structure, and rentals, etc. and then they were in charge the day of so I can show up like a guest and enjoy the party like a guest. My caterer was not so good (not organized or on the ball) and the Save the Date team "saved the day" truly. I think they are worth every penny and more. I recommend them without reservation. They will do as much or as little as you need/want without pressure. They are professional, kind, responsive, sweet, smart, funny, experienced, talented, and organized!! Cara is a terrific party planner!
I hope you are well and not too busy but busy enough. if I can be of service or provide a reference it would be my great pleasure.


​Just a quick thank you for everything on Saturday.
The event was a huge success and Alec was very happy. He is bright eyed and thrilled with how the party went and his friends had a great time.


Whether it was entertainment, photography, decor, food, service, overall planning and execution, you helped to make it a wonderful weekend celebrating Lilly and Joey . Aside from making everything run like a machine you gave us the opportunity to make such lasting memories with friends and family! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!


Jay and I wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU for Saturday night. We know we were a handful leading up to the event and we are certain we were a handful that evening – but you kept everything right on track and we would not have had as organized a party without you. (I'm pretty certain the appetizer hour would have never ended if you hadn't herded us into the room!) You and Taylor were simply amazing.

Thank you for your kind words! I love working with you; it is insane how organized and easy to work with you are! I will absolutely refer groups to you at every chance!!

We have great chemistry and it shows with the execution of our events. You actually make my job a lot easier, 9 times out of 10 I am doing both on most Weddings an Mitzvah's. It takes a load off of me, I can assure you that..


Thank you for your advice on handling the kids better. We have hundreds of middle schoolers here each year and there is never an issue. Those groups usually have chaperones of their own, that is probably why.


I have no words enough to thank you for making Zachary's evening perfect. That is the only way I can describe Saturday night. It was flawless!!! When the sun started peeking through around 3 pm, I knew it would be all right. Every person at that party had a wonderful evening thanks to you. You helped orchestrate a memorable evening for a great kid. You truly went above and beyond to make it all happen. I also had a fabulous evening. I was a relaxed guest at my own party. I ate, I danced, I drank, I spent time with my friends and family and truly felt the love!! We knew Adam would speak and I am so glad we had a plan in place ahead of time. We really anticipated everything.
My guests all commented on how attentive you and Aaron were. There was a spill, you guys were there to make sure it was cleaned up. I'm sure there were other issues I didn't know about that you took care of because that is what you do.
I am still riding the wave from this weekend and hope to hang on to it a little longer… So now I have 2 kids down and 1 to go…No date yet, but I'll find you when I get it!! I'm also so glad Cara could swing by and see the site. It really looked amazing. I knew it would. I truly did.I'm still catching up on sleep. Hope you got to rest. The wheels keep moving.
I'll share everything with you when it starts to arrive…


I would strongly recommend Save the Date! Christine was one of the most proficient if not the most proficient and detail oriented wedding planners I've ever worked with as I too am a wedding vendor (officant). If every wedding I worked had Save the Date, life would be grand! There is no doubt, if you want someone that can take all the worries and stress away from your day SAVE THE DATE and call them today. You won't be sorry!


Cara Jill Weiss and Christine Ash and their staff at SAVE THE DATE, were just wonderful and attentive and helped us pull together terrific event that we and our guests truly enjoyed. They thought of every detail and helped us to stay organized. I have zero reservations and would be eager to use them again.


Thank you for helping make the graduation party be a success! It's amazing how much more time I had with my guests because of your assistance. Also, I really appreciated your leaving the stand for the step and repeat a few days so we could take our time with additional photos. The stand is ready for you to pickup at your convenience. We will certainly keep you in mind for future events!


Thank you so much for helping us coordinate such a fabulous night. We had the time of our lives, and we are so so happy with everything.


​Thanks again to you, Joel, Christine and your assistants for making Gideon's Bar Mitzvah party such a success. Gideon, his friends and all of the guests had a great time, and the room looked beautiful.


I need to again say a HUGE thank you for all you did to make Annabelle's Bat Mitzvah celebration so special! You truly allowed me to enjoy the party and that is such a gift! You are obviously so talented at what you do and it was such a pleasure to work with you.


​Thank you very much for the help, and we will recommend you to everyone who asks, provided you do our other daughter's wedding someday, when she gets married!


Thank you so much for all your help last night! You set up beautifully, kept my nerves in order, kept us on schedule and managed to also do countless other things! I really appreciate all your hard work and time and attention to Sadie's (and our) wants. Thanks for all your help these last few months!


Thanks for all your help with everything. The room looked lovely and I appreciate all that you and your staff did.


Thank you so much for all you did for Sam and Tony's wedding. You were just fabulous. Having a day of planner was the best thing we ever did.


Aviva's bat mitzvah went off without a hitch and was just terrific. Thank you for your amazing staff.


Thank you for all your help! We definitively could not have done this without you both.


It was truly wonderful—better than we could have ever wanted or dreamed! Cannot thank you enough!


From the first day I came into "Save the Date", I have enjoyed every minute and felt so confident and calm working with you. You have literally thought of everything and never let me "drop the ball".


We had a blast and everything was just perfect! We loved every minute of it and it is hard to believe that it is over L


I cannot thank you both enough...your time, input and help ......but Cara, the layout was FABULOUS, and having it made for the easiest of all the years we have done this. I will say, this was the BEST ever


Thank you! We loved it! Christine was great. We were outta there within half an hour thanks to her help.


Thanks Cara - I really appreciate having you both in my corner!


Christine stayed on top of me to make sure I was getting decisions made in time I knew I didn't have to worry about dropping the ball, because she would make sure I wasn't forgetting anything.


Thank you so much for everything!! Mall loved the sweatshirts and linens! Thanks to Lisa the night ran flawlessly and we could celebrate and have fun!!


A big thank you for making Saturday night an event I could be proud of and enjoy. Knowing you and your team were there allowed me to relax and enjoy.


We were very pleased with the event and all of the vendors. Christine made sure everything was taken care of and the event flowed seamlessly.


You guys went beyond the call of duty and the affair turned out fantastic. Thank you for all the hours of hard work, the support, guidance, and the good company.


Thank you again for all of your support and hard work you put into Maya's Bat Mitzvah. It was a wonderful weekend, fun party and I really got to enjoy it thanks to you and your team!


Just had to tell you how much we all loved the party Saturday - you (and Joel) certainly did yourself proud. THANKS for everything!


Thanks for all you did for us - we made the right decision having you there!


We're so happy with how our wedding turned out! It was so beautiful, fun, and unique! Exactly how we imagined it. Your intern was very helpful and sweet... You did a wonderful job!


... we cannot thank you enough for the best party ever! Everyone loved it - but most importantly Courtney loved it


Thank you again for letting me help you out with this event... And you did a great job getting everything together in 2 weeks!!

B & U

Our warmest thanks for a beautiful and wonderful celebration of Avi's Bar Mitzvah! The service was deeply meaningful, and Avi did a great job! The party was amazing, and we really enjoyed your multi-media show. Avi's music is really impressi[ve] ... The food before and after was delicious. The whole evening was wonderfully organized and perfectly synchronized!


YOU WERE AMAZING! I felt like it was the perfect day and the best wedding i had ever been to!


Thanks so much Cara. Our meeting was enormously helpful and almost everyone you contacted has already followed up with me.


I wanted to thank you and Joel for all of your wonderful help yesterday. You really helped make this day the best and i actually felt like a guest at my own party You really are the best party planner. So many people complimented your work.


Thanks so much for everything. The party was great and your assistance day of made all the difference. My cousins appreciated your help with the high chair. The room looked wonderful.


I just wanted to thank you. It was a great party! Thanks so much for everything ... It truly was a special night, you are a very special family!


Thank you so much for making my vision come true. I appreciate all that you did.


Thanks, Joel and Cara. Everyone had a fabulous time and I really appreciate your making the weekend so special and stress-less for me ... The sweatpants were a big hit and everything Saturday evening looked fantastic.


Thank you, and thank you for everything that you did to help! I will definitely be calling you for Jackie's Bat Mitzvah in two years! 🙂 The night was wonderful.


I cannot express to you how much I appreciate all that you did to make Ben's party so fantastic ... And when I came into that room, I gasped. It was fantastic. You answered every one of my challenges calmly. You handled every emergency with creativity--the rope placemats, the surfboard, the montage. Thank you so much for everything.

A & S

We ... wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with the planning, wedding and reception ... From helping us with the invitations to your incredible help on our wedding day, you gave us great comfort that allowed us to really enjoy the moment. Not once did we fret or worry that everything was being taken care of while we were off to have photographs taken or lounge after the ceremony. We very much appreciate all that you did to help orchestrate a great event.


[The invitations] ... really are so beautiful Cara. I want to thank you for helping me to make them so special. I really love them and am so proud to mail them out.


I'm writing to thank you for making Sarah's event so wonderful. You, Joel, and Judy were so very easy to work with. Judy took my vision and made it a reality, you made things run very smoothly and seamless, and Joel was so incredibly helpful in many ways. Please know that I am forever grateful for your help.


Thank you so much for coordinating our big day this past Sunday! There is no way we would have stayed on schedule and kept the flow going without the help of you and your assistants. Avi and I felt blissfully stress-free all day and we felt that there was always someone on hand to assist us when needed.


In advance of this weekend, Robbie and I want to thank all of you for helping us to celebrate Stacey and Andrew's wedding!! We are thrilled to be working with you again and are so happy you were available to make this night special.


YOU WERE AMAZING! i felt like it was the perfect day and the best wedding i had ever been to ... we both had a wonderful weekend. [k]nowing that you would handle everything made such a difference ... thank you for everything!

E & G

With all of the bar/bat mitzvah's Arley attended, it was a challenge to do something different and fun. With your expertise we succeed!


Cara you are the best! You are truly an expert party-planner/coordinator. I would love to be your spokesperson for you to tell everyone how great you were and how much assistance I needed throughout all of my mitzvahs.


You made my life so easy and allowed me to enjoy the celebration!


Thank you BOTH for your fantastic teamwork with us to make the event an enormous success!!


I've received so many emails, calls, and texts from all of my guests who have attended many great events in NY, London, Paris, and CA who are raving about everything!


Everyone loved it..... More importantly my daughter loved it.


The venue,flow, decor, and food were all fabulous!


Our wedding was absolutely amazing and so much of it was because of your advice and guidance.

To let you know - Christine was absolutely wonderful to work with for our mitzvah. She had great suggestions that we were able to incorporate and managed to wrangle us back on track during our meetings. She was also invaluable during the mitzvah itself. We were a tough group to keep in line, but I know we probably never would have even moved off the appetizer hour had she not been keeping the night on track. She's a wonderful asset to your company and I'm sure you know you are lucky to have her! We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a party planner in the future.

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