In January of 2014, we at SAVE The DATE wrote a piece that was to be published in a local gazette. Sadly, as is the case with many forms of printed media and newspapers, the gazette closed. While we wish this piece could have been published for it’s original purposes, it’s simply too good to not share. Enjoy … As of January 2014 same sex marriage is legal in seventeen states, including Maryland; as well
Check out this article New York Times endorses party planner/day-of coordinator so you’re a guest at your event!
This year we applied for The Spotlight Awards. Part of that process was explaining what makes SAVE The DATE unique. While many of you may know certain elements about the company, this piece provides insight into why we might just be the PERFECT Planner for YOU … SAVE The DATE, LLC events and promotions your way was founded in 1995 on the belief that event planners should educate their clients on planning their own event
We have all seen the big, beautiful floral centerpieces dozens and dozens of times. They always look amazing and take people’s breath away; however, they do not necessarily convey a personal message about the couple. Adding that personal touch, or what we at SAVE The DATE call the “Eye Candy” of the event can really take it from average to unique; this typically begins with making a logo. The idea of creating a personalized logo
This past fall we entered “The Gala Awards” for Special Events Magazine. We entered for the category of “Best Event Produced for a Private Individual: Budget $1,000 and Above Per Guest”; while we were ultimately not selected as a finalist, we are extremely proud of both this event and our entry, so we wanted to share it with you. We hope you enjoy! On Saturday November Second of Thousand and Thirteen, the two hundred guests

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