SAVE The DATE, LLC EVENTS cannot stress enough how much we’re about educating others to plan magnificent events more than doing the planning ourselves. There’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that results from a job well done, by yourself, for people and events that are important to you, and so we make it a point in all that we do to emphasize empowerment, skills acquisition, and shared knowledge for anyone interested in learning from the vast store of experience we’ve amassed over the years.

We’re not just party planners — we’re trainers of party planners in the making. Accordingly, we offer a host of programs and products to further your own interest, expand your know-how, and nurture your passion for the endlessly exciting and creative world of event planning.

Mentorship Program

There’s nothing we love more than spreading the joy of an industry that brings so much joy to others and welcoming other like-minded creatives into the fold. To shepherd the event planners of tomorrow into the industry today, we regularly seek out opportunities to guide and mentor future planners through such means as hosting internships and training programs that both support our students’ individual interests and talents and prime them for a successful career. Many of our past interns and mentorees have gone on to satisfying positions throughout the country, broadening our network of contacts and specialists who work on behalf of our clientele in numerous cities nationwide.